Friday, April 07, 2006

wu ji [the promise]

just watched this two nights ago.
the "critics" are really trashing this one.
i will agree that the CGI is awful in many parts, but not ALL the effects are bad, and some of the work near the beginning with the water are quite stunning.

and just because a plot may be hard to explain in writing, does not mean that it's overly convoluted or confusing; just that it can't be summed up in a sentence doesn't make it bad. in context it was quite easy to follow, and never felt forced or convoluted at all.

it seems like the "critics" are looking for a clone of "hidden tiger" and are comparing the two every chance they get. that's like comparing every black and white film to "casablanca" - not a relevant comparison. [i over-generalize this intentionally].

it may be that "hidden tiger" and "hero" and "flying daggers" are the only asian films they have seen, and again, this is not a reasonable comparison.

i found this film to be a great and valid epic, flawed by some quite lame CGI in parts, but not enough to make the film bad in my eyes. i watch a film for other reasons than just quality CGI, and i am sure it was made for other reasons also...

it's not for everyone, but both the wife and i enjoyed this, and when it was over we both said it was a good one. we have seen at least a couple hundred "hong kong" movies, and this would likely be in our top 30 or so.

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