Friday, April 07, 2006

good night and good luck

watched this last night.

i liked the way they immersed you in the environment immediately.
it looked great - stunning black and white cinematography!
[which is not as simple as you may think to pull off...]

there were a couple issues i had with it, including some almost subversive subtexts with regards to morality in the time frame this was set in. i can't tell just how transparent [or apparent] they wanted this to appear, but i picked it up easily.

i also noticed in one scene a very deliberate glance from murrow looking at the ray wise character, and i immediately thought "he's going to kill himself". it was just held a few frames too many to be as subtle as i think they intended.

overall i found it very well made, pretty well acted [especially murrow's character], but also a little shallow and obvious, and perhaps a bit too self concious for its own good. i would recommend it, but it's not a film that blew me away or showed me anything i didn't already know. a double bill with "the front" makes a nice pair, if rather an obvious one.

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