Tuesday, February 07, 2006


you know how there are certain things in the world that are perfect... like, they could never be better than they are? supremely indisputably totally perfect?

things like the film rififi.

i see they are doing a remake.
al pacino is set to star.
great - pacino nearly always makes a role his own.

but i have to ask two questions:

what is the f*cking point?
who the f*ck do you think you are to attempt this?

yeah, it's easy to bash hollywood for this kind of arrogance, but they sure do make it easy. it's supremely indisputably totally lame.

Monday, February 06, 2006

daddy's going on vacation.

can't wait to see this one.
still no US release date as of today [020606].


terry is at his best when he gets to do it his way [for better or worse].
i hope he gets to do quixote someday.

are you a priest or something?

last night i watched my first hal hartley film [the unbelievable truth].
my friend kurt is a huge fan of hartley, so it's really about time that i got around to watching something by him. my friend king said i should start at the beginning, so this is what i did...

it's a very dry and deadpan film acting-wise.
the wife didn't care for this, and asked if it was SUPPOSED to be like that.
yes - obviously the delivery is very intentionally deadpan.
i can understand that some people don't care for that.
i laughed quite a few times, and really dug the interplay between the characters.
they are just pretty normal people given some odd situations to deal with and some really great lines.

it's the kind of film that keeps you on your toes, and it's hard to determine just who is being a jerk and who is just being honest and who is making assumptions about the cause behind someone else's behaviour. [note to self: we are all jerks sometimes]

speaking of assumptions, since this is my first hartley film, i am going to assume that he, like woody allen, is someone whose films people will either love or hate.
i just can't see being ambivalent about this guy's work.

next on the hit list for hal hartley: trust
i'll rent it thursday and watch it this weekend.

starting the new film oriented blog

since i am watching so many films lately, i am starting this to serve a number of purposes, all film related:
to help me keep track of them all
to have a place to keep links related to films
to create my own reviews
to editorialize on film

[it's also supposed to help nudge my friend malcolm into starting a music-related blog]